South Africa – Amazing Safari And a Capetown trip – Discovering Land And Ocean Life!

Amazing Safari in the Amakhosi private game reserve and discovering Capetown and its surroundings. From incredible wildlife encounters on land to whale watching in Hermanus and shark cage diving in Gansbaai.


Part 1 – Safari In The Amakhosi Private Game Reserve

Amakhosi private game reserve is situated on the east coast of South Africa, south of Lesotho and inland from Isimangaliso wetland park, which Nelson Mandela described as “the only place on the globe where the oldest land mammal (the rhinoceros) and the world’s biggest terrestrial mammal (the elephant) share an ecosystem with the world’s oldest fish (the coelacanth) and the world’s biggest marine mammal (the whale)”

For the first 6 weeks we stayed in the middle of the African bush. Enjoying and discovering the magnificent African wildlife. From lion prides and elephant herds to 9752517 species of antelopes and other little animals that you only find on safari. We stayed in the Amakoshi private game reserve, but unfortunately not in the luxury lodge you can see on their website but in the tented camp. And exactly this is why the experience was double the FUN it would be in the luxury lodge! One night there were hippos feeding just behind our tents and the next night lions walking straight through the camp and so on… So yes, I can consider myself lucky to be still alive :D.

Insert many pics from a safari

I actually joined a group of students who were attending a course to become safari guides. It was a very interesting experience being part of this group. As mentors Dylan Panos (owner of Bhejane Nature Training), Darran MyersColin Patrick and Graham Adams are alive Animal behaviour encyclopedias and were sharing their most valuable knowledge with us. We have been taught how to differentiate tracks of different animals, how to approach different animals and yes, how to survive a dangerous animal attack (eg. lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, buffalo etc.) Fortunately we ALMOST did not need this knowledge. Except for one time that we were charged by a herd of 50 buffalos running straight toward us! Fortunately Dylan is master of his work and buffalos decided that we were just to scary and had backed off.

buffalo herd attack


Part 2 – Capetown And Its beautiful Surroundings

So fortunately we survived this wild experience and flew to Capetown. The town everybody loves in Africa, at least everybody we asked about. We had quite few activites planned for our time in Capetown. Like who doesn’t like go whale watching? or shark cage diving? what about snorkelling with seals and a visit to the famous Boulders beach which is a nesting ground of African penguins? Table mountain hike and a visit to the Cape of good hope just to list a few more…





You can find the endangered African Penguins on Boulders beach which is situated in Simons town.

Hout bay on the other hand is a starting point for those who love seals. You can go seal watching all year round with Drumbeat charters. For those of you who are more adventurous you can go snorkelling with seals with AnimalOcean (from September to May).

Seals pictures

For the real adventurers though there is only one way to visit Capetown! YOU GO SHARK CAGE DIVING! The best place is actually not Capetown but Gansbaai which is 200-300km away from Capetown. But don’t worry! Most shark diving agencies offer you (included in the price) a shuttle service from your address in Capetown to Gansbaai and back again. It is an established practice so you really don’t have worry about it. Just take into consideration that shark cage diving is depended on the sea/weather conditions, so book it for the first days of your stay in Capetown so you can reschedule it in case the activity is cancelled.

If you want to see great white sharks breaching out of water False bay is the right place to be. High season is between February and October. But be aware because the shark activity is very depended on weather/sea conditions and high season months can vary a bit from year to year.


So if you have ever dreamed of being a safari guide and want to live and work in the African bush you can check the following organizations Bhejane nature training, Ecotraining, Africa nature training etc. (here you can find the full list). They all organize courses for safari guides but in different locations and for different prices. The biggest of them all seems to be Ecotraining which is also the most expensive one, but you can be sure you will experince the African bush at its fullest as their courses take place in the most pristine African wildlife locations. So if you have some extra bucks I think this is the choice to make. All of these organizations fall under FGASA which stands for Field guide association of South Africa and is a standard setting organisation in the field of preserving the natural and historical heritage of Southern Africa.

Whale watching with Southern right Charters in Hermanus

Buz bus a great way to go around South Africa. They also offer a great a 1 day Cape peninsula tour which is a no brainer if you are in Capetown as it includes everything you would like to see in Capetown. Check out the link above to see more.

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 22.32.39.png
I think I will never find the right words to describe this beautiful African Trip. Maybe A dream came true are the best ones. And that says it all!


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